National Museum Of Art

Founded by Dr. James E. Church, Nevada Museum of Art was the oldest cultural institution and the only accredited art museum by the American Association Museums in the state. Its Black Rock Desert –inspired building is evident and well-designed by architect Will Bruder that serves as an architectural icon in Reno. The design’s purpose is to speak for itself in terms of environmental advocacy and land protection in the northern part of the Nevada region. The new four-story building is constructed in a 60,000 square-foot land area which is larger than the previous one.

The museum itself is an art through the dynamic features of the building. One feature is its 68 ft. high and 250 ft. wall that is built with nine steel columns inclined from 5 to 12 degrees. The guests can see the tilted columns in different angles depending on how and where it will be viewed. An ANTHRA-ZINC® is used to make seam patterns to achieve the rock texture of the mythical Black Rock Desert. Another feature of the four-story building is its continuous change of light and shadow. Wall apertures are perfectly shaped and the skylights, function as light magnifiers, and refract the varying light of the seasons. The interior architecture has an interesting staircase that is suspended through a single beam attached from the ceiling of the atrium and five skylights lit it.

Nevada Museum of Art has many exhibitions and collections. The exhibitions are classified as permanent and traveling exhibitions. Among the exhibits showcased in the permanent exhibition include oil paintings, pottery, drawings, videos, photographs made by contemporary artists. In traveling exhibitions, several museum original exhibits are shown in other art museum or institutions throughout the country.

The different collections of the museum are mostly cultural and of visual heritage. Some interprets Reno in the past 150 years while some emphasize the value of work ethic. There are also Contemporary Collections that grows continually by the contribution of artists and private collectors locally and internationally. The works also depicts the love in the environment and its importance. The collection includes the works of Maynard Dixon, Carl Oscar Borg, Michael Heizer, Stuart Davis, Sam Francis and many more.

The Nevada Museum of Art is open for membership where members can enjoy free admission, preview of new exhibitions, discounts on event tickets and free Art Bites lecture series throughout the year. This non-profit organization also welcomes support through donations and gifts as well as volunteer works that will help others to be culturally educated.

Located at 160 W. Liberty Street in downtown Reno, the Nevada Museum of Art offers free parking in its museum lot. Tickets are available at the museum lobby or it can be purchased online. Reservations are also welcome for visitors with special needs.