Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum

It’s almost a year since the establishment of the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum and it still keeps its mission and vision intact. The museum experience sets the bar high for the Northern Nevadans providing playful yet educational environment for families and educators.

Parents who are doubtful whether their children ages 10 years old and above will love the museum should fear no more. This irresistible museum is definitely a fun place to spend a day with the family. Kids will surely enjoy the fun activities in the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum and the same goes with parents while watching their children. Guests will never get bored as time flies with the various activities offered.

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum has eight galleries including Nevada Stories, Spark!Lab, Build It!, Cloud Climber, Truckee Connects, Da Vinci’s Corner, Under the Stars and Little Discoveries. Nevada Stories gallery has an archive of Nevada’s history presented in a creative style that will excite the visitors, especially the children. The gallery includes artifacts, petro glyph station, historic mine shaft, and even games like “Strike it Rich” and “Great Race” that shows the rich culture of the state.

Spark!Lab in the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum is now the first home of the Spark!Lab outside the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. This gallery focuses more on invention, science experiments and some notes from the inventors. Guests can also have the chance to invent in this gallery.

A gallery tour is more beneficial if tourists will learn a lot from it. Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum surely knows the importance of educating children in their young age. Through the Build It! gallery, children will be able to know the entire process of building roads and other infrastructures. The scope of the process will start from drafting plans to selecting building materials. The gallery also provides information about the states’ energy resources such as the solar and geothermal energy.

The Cloud Climber is the most commended part of the museum. The three-story-tall, 45-foot, Cloud Climber is the perfect haven for children who loves fun and adventure. There is also a discussion regarding the water cycle of the region. Adults will surely love this area as they see children climbing as they conquer their fear. Another tourist favorite is the Truckee Connects. Children spell water as f-u-n as they enjoyed this gallery so much. As the children splash in the water they can also learn the many uses of the Truckee River and the nearby dams including irrigation and recreation. The 80-foot long working model of the Truckee River allows the children to simulate the dams operation.

For art-lovers, Da Vinci’s Corner is definitely a must-see. As art combined with science, it creates this gallery to be a fun and innovative place that shouldn’t be missed. It offers a hands-on experiment including the helicopter experimentation. This gallery reflects the inspiration of Leonardo da Vinci such as art projects plus the vibrant space which makes it inviting.

Under the Stars is the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum’s outdoor gallery. Through the lightings and nature sounds, the gallery inside the museum transforms to be an outdoor zone. This gallery presents the traditional outdoor activity such as camping and cave exploration. Fishing is also offered with two species such as the Lahontan Cut Throat Trout and Cui-Ui.

Tree house and slide, ore car and mine elevator, geothermal station and mine tunnel placed into one venue and intended for toddlers is the best way to describe the Little Discoveries gallery. This child-friendly gallery surprises the kids as they can roll and creep as they explore it. This is also the best place for nursing Moms and their infants.

Apart from the galleries, Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum also offers birthday party packages, school field trips, museum stores and culinary and mixology event for adults. The museum is open for memberships and volunteer work and it also accepts donations.