Truckee River Walk

Reno is not only about gaming! Its busy street and lavish ambiance has a hidden spot for the tourists who prefer a more relaxing and subtle moment in this city.

The Truckee River Walk is a good place for strolling with friends and loved ones. The river walk is made up of colored brick pavement, chained and steel railings and gazebo-like posts. Also, there are visible large flower pots, which are displayed within the walk, with red, white, pink and violet flowers complementing the green leaves that add color on the pathway. Tall sculptures are displayed along the way as well as embossed sculpture in the walls representing the artistic side of Truckee River Walk.

As the name implies, the pathway is located alongside of the Truckee River which provides a cozy place during summer in the early morning and late afternoon. During the night, the lights coming from the eventful establishments provide a more romantic mood for couple. There are also benches near the sculptures and under the trees to rest the tiring feet. A man-made fountain is also visible in the street.

When the tummy calls for food, the restaurants will save the day. It offers a wide-range of menu from the American staple burger to fine dining meals. Drinks range from coffee, tea and cocktails. Guests can choose to take their meal inside or outside the restaurants. The restaurants provide tables and chairs for guests who preferred to eat outside while enjoying the view of people walking on the street.

Not all river walks are fun and exciting. But Truckee River Walk assures the guests that walking along its street is the finest experience it can give. The very popular Wine Walk is a new way of tasting wine in a cheaper yet plenty of kinds to try. With over 25 merchants in the area, guests can taste their wine with some bucks and a valid photo ID. Guests will be given an ID bracelet and a glass of wine from the participating merchants.

The Truckee River Walk also promotes beautification programs which over 40 merchants participated. The goal of the program is to raise funds for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the river walk corridor, replacement of signage and the development of recycling programs.

River Walk is located between the area of Arlington Ave. and Virginia Street, south side of Truckee River, near the Whitewater Park.