Wildflower Village Art Center

The fast-paced metropolitan is absolutely the best place to experience luxury and endless party. But, this is the same place where you get tired with the demanding work environment. Undoubtedly, vacation is the usual answer to escape the world of exhaustion. Escaping, of course, does not mean to hand your resignation but just to have a break on your normal gigs.

Forget about the crowded city and book your accommodation at the Bed and Breakfast Hostel located at the Wildflower Village Art Center. Even if you’re a stranger at the hostel, you’ll feel like you’re just visiting a relative. Owner Pat Campbell-Cozi offers her guests genuine hospitality that you will never feel any inconvenience in your stay.

The country setting of the village may give a cozy ambiance but better prepare yourself with the different outdoor activities that will test you physically. Hiking and cycling will measure your endurance while skiing and snowboarding will make your winter a memorable season.

If you’re not into challenging sports, you don’t need to stress yourself as the village has art facilities showcasing the works of more than 95 artists. The different collections are for sale at the Open Gallery which includes art glass collection, ceramics, photography, painting, textiles and jewelry. Wildflower Pub and the Village Café also display art collections which can be purchased. Bella’s trunk has something for your home as this gift boutique sells new and recycled gift items.

Roam around the village by renting a bike complete with accessories such as helmet, bike chain, lock and a pouch to keep your chain. If you’re moving large items, rent the Penske trucks for a safer and easier transport.

Wildflower Village Art Center also provides engaged couple a place for tying the knot. The Chapel Gallery features an intimate setting where couple can bring their family as they exchange their vows.